Cool Stuff

This is a collection of links to tools and websites that I've found online that I want to share. The order is randomized, but the newest stuff will be at the top.

Dozens of commercial-free internet radio channels, hand-curated by actual humans. An amazing free service, do consider sending them a few bucks.
Merlin's Wisdom Project
Little nuggets of advice, compiled by Merlin Mann. I have a page that gives you a random piece of advice from this list.
Internet Archive Book Images
A bunch of scans of illustrations from old books by the Internet Archive. The cow I have at the top of this site/in most of my profile pictures is from here.
Make Sokoban games directly in your browser, like The Quest for the One by my friend
What if Hypercards still existed, but also had a bunch of other features? Also features a cool little boutique programming language called, appropriately, Lil
Pocket Guide to Writing SVG
I didn't even know you could write vector graphics by hand before this, and I didn't expect it to be so simple either.
Game Mechanic Explorer
A collection of game mechanics and algorithms (displaying trajectory, homing on a point, fluid simulations) implemented in JavaScript and Phaser. Once you learn the concepts here, it's not too hard to implement it in any engine or framework.
Spactwinks' Tips, tricks, and techniques for ADHD
A Twine by Spacetwinks about managing ADHD. There are a bunch of things in this Twine that I use every day to manage my own ADHD.
Suricrasia Online Search
A search engine by Blackle Mori that lets you choose your search engine after searching
Wasted Ink Zine Distro
My local zine shop. I worked there for a year, and still pop in when I can.
Tiny Tools Directory
It's like this page but even bigger and better, I've found so many cool things by just browsing this page.
A tool made in Decker that makes your art wiggly