I'm goofpunk, I'm a writer/programmer/artist/game developer/whatever and this is my website for hosting or linking to all my things, as well as sharing cool things I find.

This site is constantly being reworked and redesigned according to whatever I think looks good at any given time, so don't be surprised if you come back and it looks different!

Stuff I've made

Group chats with one keyboard
Garish Hues
A single-sheet zine about my own weird gender history
Rectangle Quick Command
An Alfred workflow to quickly send commands to the Rectangle window manager

Mech Pilot Stories

Flash fiction about giant robots for "Mech Pilot who-" on cohost

Anita's Day Off
A mech pilot needs a new wardrobe
A mech pilot who is so le fucking edgy.
UniSparkles & Birdman
A mech pilot wants to know who is giving out these call signs that are so fancy.


Software I made but am no longer maintaining, though as far as I know, it's all still working.

a barebones static site generator written in Python
Goatlings Accessibility Mod
a userscript that adds keyboard controls to the repetitive parts of Goatlings